YLES began as the brainchild of Katerina Lois, who designs, produces and oversees the creation of every product under the YLES name. The idea was to create distinctive items that would successfully combine functionality and an ease of use, while infusing character and aesthetic balance to our surroundings.

The initial objects offering distinctive style and exceptional quality (using specially selected materials, such as solid iroko woods) solicited a positive response form everyone in the artist's immediate environment. The original products developed by YLES consisted of wooden wall clocks and key chain holders adorned with aluminum and stainless steel. Since their debut at the exhibition "Greek and contemporary creations" in January 2000, YLES has expanded their line, based on customer's feedback and needs, garnering further praise from customers that have since adapted the line to their stores.

Today the full range of products offered by YLES include wall and desk clocks, key chain holders, coat hangers, drink coasters, place settings, magnets and note holders from stainless steel and Plexiglas, with special accents from PVC or natural fibers.


From the onset, production was based on the careful selection of the raw materials as well as suppliers, who with their high technical know how and certified production methods combine for a flawless final product, surpassing the strict guidelines set forth by Katerina Lois for all the YLES objects.

The decision to base the production on outsourcing instead of an in house production unit comes from the desire by the Katerina Lois to devote more time on the design and the development of new lines of products, while maintaining flexibility and guaranteeing a perfect final product.


The selection of our colleagues, or points of sales for our products, keeps with the innovative thinking that is an integral part of YLES. Katerina 's goal has always been to develop long-term relationships with selected stores throughout Greece and Cyprus, which are in keeping with the quality and aesthetic guidelines that she uses in creating her products.These guidelines are:

1. The selection of one store in any given geographic or market location. In the case of larger urban areas such as Athens and Thessaloniki, the distribution of the YLES products is kept to one store in each of the "neighborhood" markets. For example you may find YLES in Kolonaki, Ermou St., Abelokipous, etc.
2. Based in the ability of the store to "support" YLES, with emphasis on the style of the store, as well as the melding of the other products offered with those of YLES.
3. Based on the business philosophy and practices for quality service, provided by the store that is in keeping with that offered by YLES.


1. Printed materials:
stores receives, on a regular basis, the latest color catalog with the full line of products offered by YLES.
2. Warranty:
Each one of the clocks (wall or desk) with the YLES logo is accompanied by a one-year warranty that covers any defects in materials or workmanship. While all the products come with a certificate of authenticity.
3. Price List:
With every catalog, stores receive a complete and up to date price list, which includes all relevant pricing information as well as the suggested retail price for each piece.
4. Special Packaging:
The specially developed packaging not only ensures the secure transportation of our products to each store but also offers a tasteful presentation to the final recipientůthe consumer.
5. Internet:
All of our colleagues are featured on the YLES website ( in alphabetical order, along with a brief description about each store as well as links directly to each stores website (should one be available).
6. Promotional material:
The stores that carry the YLES line of products are supplied with the YLES logo as well as special stands, banners, or displays, (as are appropriate) to designate the YLES products within the store.
7. Print Advertising
In the near future, YLES will be incorporating print ads for the promotion of their products, which will feature the stores that carry the YLES brand


Most recently YLES added corporate gifts to their line of products. This special line is in keep in with the aesthetics and quality that distinguishes all the YLES products. Corporate customers also have the option of customizing the gifts with their company's message or logo (based on a minimum order).