Design is the process of creating art with a specific purpose. Although the boundaries between art and design may be unclear we can say that there are defined differences such as those that distinguish the artisan from the artist.

Design is created to address the needs of a predetermined audience, for a specific place and time.

The creation of art is for all human kind, which holds history as its stage. While design has predetermined purpose, the purpose of art is determined after the fact.

Design strives to provide answers and to invoke a feeling of pleasure, while art makes no such distinctions.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of all the YLES products is the use of design, the other is high quality materials in conjunction with technical expertise. When these elements come together the end result is an exquisite product.


All the YLES items are designed exclusively by Katerina Lois, who also oversees every aspect of production. The designs incorporate ergonomics, practicality, and a sense of modern aestheticism and dynamics. They are "cultured" in the artists mind, before they are given "life" through the production process, and finally "adopted" by the final customer. .


The materials used for the YLES products are solid iroko wood, aluminum, stainless steel and Plexiglas. The materials are selected specifically for each piece so as to invoke the effect desired by Katerina Lois.

All the wooden elements of a piece are waxed by hand, bringing out the rich tones hidden in the wood grain, as well as providing protection from dust, sunlight and moisture. Iroko wood was chosen for its strength as well as the "character" of the wood, which adds to any setting.

The aluminum parts are also protected by specially selected paints and/or a varnish so as to protect the finish and to give timelessness to each piece. Aluminum is an exceptionally versatile material, allowing the artist to change its color, shape, or texture in order to achieve the desired effect.

Stainless steel is the material most used in the YLES products. All the stainless pieces undergo a special finishing process in order to achieve their final satiny form. From there they are cleaned with specifically formulated cleaning solutions, and given a protective coat, to maintain their satiny luster over time.

Plexiglas is a modern material often used in contemporary design. Its light weight as well as the endless variety of colors available make it an especially tempting material for a designer. The Plexiglas accents used in the YLES products add a colorful and playful tone, as well as alloying customers the chance to personalize their piece by choosing the color they prefer. This also holds true with the dials on the clocks as well.

Because Katerina Lois works directly with each customer, she offers the possibility for custom made pieces, to customers specification as far as color, size, even the, materials used, in order to provide them with a product that best suits their surroundings.


All the YLES products are coded, and computerized for better tracking throughout the production, quality control, stocking and sales processes. This gives better service to our customers by providing them with specific delivery times, for the exact products they ordered.